Class Act Books is currently accepting fiction and non-fiction manuscripts in all genres.

Class Act Books is a digital publisher offering  POD print option for some books. The POD versions of the books are sold only from the Class Act Books website and are not listed with our vendors.

Please note that although CAB will promote and publicize each book accepted for publication by displaying it on the CAB website, our Facebook page and listing it with our vendors, the author must have a written promotion plan at the time the contract is signed and is expected to join in and promote the book to the best of their ability.

Only complete manuscripts that portray a story with a beginning, middle and end will be accepted.

We do not accept manuscripts that contain illustrations at this time.

An in-house artist will be assigned to do the cover art.

The manuscript MUST contain a title page with author's name and email address or it will be deleted without consideration.

Submissions must also include a short synopsis of the story and a cover sheet listing author contact information, the genre the story is intended for, and word count.

The submission word count for ebook publication only is 10,000 words.

Word count for books intended to include the POD Print option is 20,000-125,000 words.

We accept digital submissions only.

If your book contains sexual content, please read the FAQ page for a list of our sensual ratings.

Please submit your manuscript in RTF format in a regular 12 point font. If your manuscript is accepted for publication you will be asked to format your book according to the Class Act Books formatting guide which will be emailed to you before the contract is signed.

Send your submission to:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Class act reserves the right to refuse any submission without further explanation.


We will not publish books that contain on-stage rape, or on-stage abuse of children or animals.


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